Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I haunt Len Cleavelin

My post which called for the court martial of "Duke" Cunningham rang some dusty bells for Len at Dark Bilious Vapors. He discusses the ringing in his ears.


Blogger Len said...

Hey, I'll forgive you for it.

Actually, the memories aren't bad at all. As I mention, it was in certain ways the high point of my legal career. The trial counsel receiving a note passed to him by the COMUSNAVPHIL Assistant SJA and then interrupting the military judge (who was addressing the members of the court at the time) to announce that the preceedings were stayed by the Court of Military Appeals was the single most dramatic moment I've ever seen in a real courtroom (that's the kind of thing that happens only in a movie/TV show). And it isn't often that a mere O-3 can ruin an O-8's day just by doing his job right.

And Cliff Overton wasn't a really bad sort of person, just overly ambitious (aren't we all?), on the make, and just a bit casual about respecting the property rights of others. But all in all, he didn't hurt any individuals, and was reasonably respectful, unlike many of my clients.

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