Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lipstick on a pig

Meet the new plan. Same as the old "plan."

The worst moment of cognitive dissonance in the whole bit? In the "Eightfold Path to Iraqi Enlightenment" which ends the document, "Pillar Six" is to "Help Iraq Strengthen the Rule of Law and Promote Civil Rights." One of its objectives is that "Iraq's government operates consistent with internationally recognized standards for civil rights and rule of law."

Quoted at the bottom of the page? Alberto Gonzalez. "One of the most important ways to fight terrorism is to promote democracy, and one of the most important ways to promote democracy is the rule of law."

I sure hope that Alberto remembers to pass along to our new Iraqi friends that "internationally recognized standards for civil rights" don't apply in situations when you have "difficult to predict...needs and circumstances" and, when the going gets tough, the tough betray their principles.

Think Progress takes a much deeper look at the "plan."


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