Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snail-mail Freepers

A Q&A excerpt from Ted Koppel's interview in the new GQ:
Do you imagine that most people can possibly guess how you feel about, say, Bush—or do you think you’ve created a heavy veil?

Let me show you something you’ll enjoy. I’ll hold these for you, and you can just read them. [holds up two letters, side-by-side in a single picture frame]

Okay. On the left side: “Dear Mr. Koppel, your excellence has made Nightline the best news program on television. ABC is to be congratulated on its discernment in appointing you to this post. The strong and subtle intelligence combined with your humanity, deep concern, directness, compassion, and tenacity and holding to the line, leading to the truth behind an issue, have given the term anchorman a new meaning…

And then, on the right [points], a new letter begins…

“Hey, you dumb Commie motherfucker. Why didn’t you put it to that Iran shithead when you had him on the night of March 24th instead of ‘sir’ this and ‘sir’ that.? Wake up cesspool.” No punctuation, and wake is underlined twice.

Actually, both those letters were in response…

And this letter came from President Reagan?

Yes. [laughs] Both those letters came in response to the same program. And in fact, the program was the first Nightline.
You know, that's something that's often not discussed when journalists decide they want to write stories about how angry and irresponsible blogs are. Even at their angriest, blogs are just making public feelings that were there all along. I think that can actually be rather useful and therapeutic, no?


Blogger Bryan said...

You have to wonder if the people complaining about blogs ever read the letters to the editor in their local paper. Even with the "clean up" by the paper, some of the letters get rather "intense".

11:31 AM  

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