Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sophists' choice

Hey, Republicans! You're either with Murtha or you're with Hillary.
BLITZER: Let's go through an immediate issue right now. Your Democrat colleague in the Congress, Senator Hillary Clinton, from New York State, quoted by the AP as saying an immediate withdrawal, in her words, would be a big mistake. "I think that would cause more problems for us in America. It will matter to us if Iraq totally collapses into a civil war." She's afraid it could become another Afghanistan, in effect.

What do you say to her and other Democrats who have a problem with a withdrawal as you recommend over the next six months?

MURTHA: Yes. Yes, what I've said, Wolf, and I believe this very strongly, there will be less terrorism.

Just because the president, just because the White House says there's going to be more terrorism if we withdraw doesn't make it so. He said there's going to be weapons of mass destruction. They said oil was going to pay for it. They said there was an al Qaeda connection. That's not necessarily true.

I predict the opposite. I think there will be less terrorism. We've become the target. We're the ones that have become the enemy. Eighty percent of the people there believe that we shouldn't be there, we shouldn't be occupiers. Forty-five percent think it's justified to attack America.

Now, let me tell you something. In 1963, Senator -- or Secretary McNamara predicted that we'd be out of there in two years. We had 2,200 casualties in 1965, two years later after he made that prediction.

BLITZER: You're talking about Vietnam?

MURTHA: From that time on -- I'm talking about Vietnam. From that time on, we had 53,000 casualties. I'm trying to prevent another Vietnam.


Blogger Rocky Smith said...

I'm all for reducing the exposure of our troops, but a pull out now would be wrong. It's too soon. They aren't ready to stand on their own. When they are, I'll be happy to call for our withdrawal right along with you "Progressives".

3:29 PM  

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