Thursday, November 17, 2005

These guys are losing it

I sure hope we're not paying Armstrong Williams very much for this crap. This is bargain basement media whore performance if ever I've seen it. Then again, it must be hard to think when an entire administration's flop sweat is gushing down your spine.

We pick up the action as Paula Zahn points out that the American people are disgusted with this president, not just Democrats. Armstrong?
WILLIAMS: Look, it is fair game to discuss the war in Iraq. It is fair game because our men and women are dying. And it seems as though there's no exit strategy. It seems as though there's more chaos. It seems as though that the only victory the insurgents are having is just to kill other Americans. That's how they measure their victories.
Hey, asshole, you know what's fair game? Whatever the fuck I or anyone else says is fair game. That's what freedom means. You're right, though, I would have preferred to have fought this battle out before we went to war, but it needs to be fought, regardless.
It's as if the American soldiers are -- are sitting ducks. It is a legitimate discussion to have, and I think it is fair game. But when you listen to Senator Chuck Hagel discuss the president, vs. the Democrats discussing the president, he's not saying that the president lied to get us in a war. He's not saying the president misled the people.

It is unfair based to say, yes, this president admitted that there were no weapons of mass destruction, there were -- there were faulty intelligence. But this president went to war because we have been attacked on 9/11, and -- and America wanted to send a message to the rest of the world that we will not be intimidated.
Whoa! Why do I have to keep pointing out to these guys that causing the death of innocent people to "send a message" is the very definition of terrorism?

Here we see another reason I'm glad I'm not a Republican. I'll never have to worry about Armstrong Williams trying to defend me. I don't ask for much, but I would at least like it if my defender didn't compare me to the evil I'm supposed to be fighting. I'd also prefer he understand little thing called subject/verb agreement.
Understand, this war started 20 years ago. We could go to the World Trade Center in 1993. We can go to the Achille Lauro. We can go to the bombings of the embassies in Africa. We can go to Beirut. We can go on and on and on.

This just did not just start. If we were never in Iraq, these insurgents, these fundamentalist Muslim extremists would continue to try to win this war, because they feel, over the last few...several decades, they have become irrelevant.
So we've been at war for 20 years with an enemy that feels they're irrelevant? But... I thought they were emboldened by our weakness.

Next week they'll be disgruntled by cave fleas.

Hey wingnuts! Please get better morons.


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