Friday, November 18, 2005

To the ramparts, wingnuts! And bring your accountability!

Here's the story so far.

Christine Byington, a biracial girl at a nice southern college writes a column which says black should quit bitching and just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. A lot of whites feel like saying this, she says, but, because they feel nervous about doing so, whites are being discriminated against just like the blacks under Jim Crow Laws in the 1950s.
To the angry black people who might be reading this column, understand that I do not mean ill will toward you. Basically, I’m the “safe” person to write this because I’m biracial. Know that there are many people on this campus who feel the same way I do but who do not want to air their opinions in the Johnsonian because, well, they are white.

I think it’s sad when some whites feel they must stifle their opinions because of the color of their skin. That must be what life was like for blacks in the 1950s.
Needless to say, this pissed some people off.
As soon as the paper hit students' hands, it sent an emotional ripple through campus that was so powerful it inspired some students to call for a rally. The strong feelings prompted university officials to hold a forum Thursday night to discuss the controversy. The forum was attended by an estimated 400 students.

"It definitely moved really fast," Chad Kee, the university's director for multi-cultural student life, said about the reaction. "That's why we had to move fast, so it didn't become uncontrollable."
In the end Byington left the college.

La Shawn "I haven't been following the news but the Plame affair is boring (now pay me)" Barber picked it up, suggesting that Byington was pressured and harassed into leaving, a claim she had to (almost, kind of) withdraw when she found out Byington said it had nothing to with her leaving and even seemed to suggest she was just having a bad semester. This gives us a brief insight into the mind of a wingnut just dying to be outraged. From Barber's post linked above:
This is what accountability means, anonymous bloggers and commenters, so take note: I’d like to interview Byington to find out exactly what happened, i.e., whether she received nasty e-mails about her parentage, etc. While briefly researching this story, I thought I read that she received comments about being biracial. If she didn’t get those comments or e-mails, I will retract certain statements in this post. I’d also like to get a transcript or recording of the forum, too.
Get that? She thought she read something about her getting harassed, but didn't. She won't however, correct herself until someone proves that the stuff she imagined she read isn't true. That's some accountability.

The Corner follows suit.

Expect Hannity and Limbaugh and O'Reilly to be salivating over this one and expect to hear the charge she was forced to leave again.


Blogger J. said...

LaShawn is both corrupt and clueless. But, that's what I expect of her.

The core problem with Christine Byington's column is that it is so damningly ignorant. That is what any discussion of it should really be about. For example, Byington is so ignorant about the civil rights timeline that she thinks anti-discrimination laws were passed in the 1950s. Neither her parents nor her teachers have managed to inculcate even relatively recent history. I fear that is true of many of our young people these days.

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