Friday, November 18, 2005

Um, no

Here's one of the thinkers over at the Corner, talking about the vote to bring troops back from Iraq.
If there is a vote and all Dems who vote vote no (or the vast majority), then they are on record saying they are NOT for immediate withdrawal. A straight-playing wire headline would be something like "Congress votes down immediate withdrawal resolution." And that would go round the world. With Congressman Murtha being the going-into-recess news story, it's a strategy. It gives them something concrete on the Dems in the form of a roll call.
No. This is just stupid. This is what Republicans want, but just proves they've lost touch with the American public. Everyone should vote no for this stupid, fucked-up resolution, which demands that "the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately."

Murtha's resolution, as Kos and I (here) have pointed out, was a much more thoughtful and intelligent idea.

Democrats should vote no and should go home pointing out that Republicans put a resolution on the floor that was so disgusting that not a single one of them would vote for it. They should ask Americans, who overwhelmingly disagree with the administration on the Iraq issue, whether they think it's a good idea to waste the Congress time by refusing to honestly address the concerns of a respected American veteran and hero.

Fuck these people.

Update: Dems should also ask their constituents if they think that a 37-year veteran of the Marine Corps should be called a "coward."

Update: Kos agrees and John has an even better idea.


Blogger The Heretik said...

I watched the whole thing live last night. Unbe,be,believable. Linked you in the roundup at Slime Time News

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