Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This site, as frequent visitors can see, is undergoing some changes.

In the past month I've added advertising, Amazon links and a place for my generous readers to donate to the cause that is Nitpicker. I want to explain the changes.

As I've said repeatedly, Nitpicker started as a way to keep that angry vein from throbbing painfully in my temple and limit the decible of my television-focused screaming. It has become much more to me and, if the e-mails I receive are any indication, it has become more than that to the few hundred people who drop by on a daily basis as well. In a way, I've been moving toward Nitpicker since my first paid job as a writer, that of a (no shit) political satirist and movie reviewer for my hometown weekly newspaper. I started that job at the age of 13.

(For the record, the answer is "no," the columns have not withstood the test of time, although I would bet that my take on zoning and its effects on a small town's agrarian economy ranks among the best ever written by a 13-year-old. Hell, it was read aloud to the city council. Take that, Ben Shapiro.)

The problem is that things on this side of the blog are about to change drastically. I will be leaving Kansas soon to follow Ms. Nitpicker as she begins a career in the active duty military. It's her turn to serve and, being parents, we can't both take the risks of military service. This means that I will be leaving a well-paying job which allows me some flexibility at a time when the blog is taking off, is beginnning to make a difference (several military officers e-mailed me and said that, despite reading Victor Davis Hanson during their training, my post on his intellectual dishonesty has convinced them he's not worth listening to) and as work on my book--part memoir, part history, part polemic against use of the military as political tool--moves along glacially. Depending on the financial situation, something may have to give, because, unlike some commentators I wasn't born with my a silver boot attached to my tongue.

So I ask that you consider advertising here if you think that the site can bring eyeballs to your cause or products. If the books on the right interest you (like blogger David Sirota's upcoming book, Hostile Takeover), I hope you'll click through and pick them up and I also appreciate any donations that you might give. I must insist that I don't want charity. Don't donate or advertise here unless you think this site helps you, but if you do, feel free to give and advertise as you see fit.


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