Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Everyone could take lessons from Murtha

From his speech today.
QUESTION: Some of your critics are saying that the use of the word "redeploy" just makes it sound like the troops are going somewhere -- you mentioned Kuwait -- is simply a code word, a recipe for allowing the pullout to (OFF-MIKE)

MURTHA: Well, why would I say "collapse"? I mean, who told you "collapse"? The Bush administration tell you "collapse"?


MURTHA: Well, it's observation by who?

You see, this is the problem. They got all these thousands of people out there talking this way and they say there's going to be a collapse, they say there's going to be more insurgencies, they say there's terrorist activity. That doesn't mean it's so.

I've seen damn little things that they have said was true turned out to be true. That's my problem.
You see how easy that is? I don't know who it was that tossed out the classic "some of your critics" bullshit, but I'm guessing that person gets his or her paycheck from Rupert Murdoch. Murtha responded exactly right: "Who? Give me a name."


Blogger california_reality_check said...

Exactly right. You can't fool Murtha. He won't put up with the bull shit. You know, I think everyone would like to have believed the government leaders. I mean, we expected them to do the right thing. It's embarassing that they are such weasels. Hell, I don't think anyone believes them now except Lieberman and the wingnuts.

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