Monday, December 12, 2005

It's all about the Benjamins?

I'll be moving to Pensacola sometime after the first of the year and, in preparation, I've been getting used to the community through its newspaper, the Pensacola News Journal. Until today, though, I'd missed the town's village idiot, Executive News Editor Kent Cockson. He seems your typical mid-sized city editor who's grown as fat and slow as a mean carp in a small pond, but I found his post about Cindy Sheehan particularly loathsome. (You'll have to click the link above and scroll down, as the paper hasn't figured out that permalinks and news "archives" don't seem to work well together.) It's an old post, but pure idiocy that must be enjoyed.
Saturday, November 19, 2005

The REAL reason Camp Casey occurred

Well, of course!

You recall Cindy Sheehan? She’s the “peace mom” who doggedly pursued a “peace vigil” for several “scorching days” in August outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. Well, Mrs. Sheehan made it clear as a bell on Saturday about what motivated her.

Yup. She got a book deal out of it.

Imagine that!

The book (20,000 copies to be published by a sympathetic bleeding heart of a guy in Hawaii) will be followed, we’re told, by a promotional tour to tout the spellbinding recollections of Mrs. Sheehan’s self-sacrificing 26-day vigil and to recognize the self-consuming thoughts she braved in the wake of her son’s death at the hands of rebellious, anti-occupation forces in Iraq.
So the fact that Cindy Sheehan's writing a book explains her actions, huh?

Does it explain the actions of Katherine Harris? Did she rule against Gore to sell a book? Does it explain Ashley Smith? Hell, does it explain why Ike proposed the Normandy Invasion?

Yes, Cockson's an idiot barely worth a mention, but, um, I can't help myself. Kudos to you, Kent. You're a first-class asshole.


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His last name says it all.

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