Thursday, December 01, 2005


Jack Dunphy is a goddamn idiot. Here he is pointing out "incongruities" that make Stanley "Tookie" Williams not worth saving from death.
On the other hand is the proposition that Williams has redeemed himself during his 24 years in prison, that he has renounced gang life and urged others to do likewise. He has authored children's books, they say, warning youngsters against following in his own wayward footsteps...(I)f an imprisoned Williams truly has been a courageous voice against gang violence, how is it that his admonitions went unheard within his own family? Stanley Williams Jr., 30, is currently serving a 16-year sentence in California for second-degree murder. Sometimes the apple falls very close to the tree indeed.
That is some superbly twisted logic. Let's see how it plays when applied to others:
  • If Jesus was truly a courageous voice against sin, how is it that his admonitions went unheard by many Christians?

  • If Saul Bellow truly set an example as a good writer, why is his son such such a hack?

  • If Randall Terry is such a great crusader against "sins" like homosexuality, why is his son queer? Ditto Dick Cheney.

  • If George H. W. Bush was such an exemplary war hero, why did his son choose to avoid the war, giving up his pilot's wings to become a postal officer (and, possibly, even shirking that duty)?
And the list goes ever on...

If redemption depends not upon you but on whether or not people listen to you then, brother, we're all fucked.

Update: I really don't mean to keep harping on Jonah Goldberg so much, but the man is like an intellectual car wreck. I don't want to see his mind smeared all over the web, but I just... can't... look... a... way...

He, of course, thinks Dunphy's written an "excellent" article (even though he hasn't paid attention to the issue) and wonders "isn't part of the scandal that it's taken 2 1/2 decades to execute the guy"? That's right. He should have been killed before he could redeem himself. Now he's just gumming up our death machine with his moral ambiguity. Nothing good can come of keeping these prisoners around for years.

Except, of course, A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation, Le morte d'Arthur, Historie of the World and Pilgrim's Progress. Sure, none of those authors were "Tookie" Williams, but they were all jailed for capital offenses.

Oh, and, lest we forget, we must also mention that Luis Diaz, George Rodriguez, Eddie Joe Loyd, Rolando Cruz, Kevin Green, Verneal Jimerson and many others all spent more than a decade in prison before being exonerated of their crimes.

It's scandalous that some prisoners would live to see the day they were declared innocent, right, Jonah?


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