Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am such a dick.

For the record, despite its clearly insensitive and sexist tone, the word "bitch" is fine as long as you use it as a verb.
However, is a place created for women, a place to connect, rant, share, commiserate, bitch, scream, laugh, cry, or just be a little bit silly.
Or if you're not talking (directly) about a woman, but only the mother of a man you dislike.
In mocking Kerry, Rove was also mocking the Democratic youth army. The nmistakable message he conveyed was one of abject cynicism. It really doen't matter how good the message or how hard you campaign for your candidate at all. No, not in Karl Rove's America. It's the level to which you are willing to stoop in order to win that's important. Smear and distortion and initmidation and fear and hate are what wins elections these days. I thought of those kids having to watch that sick son of a bitch as he personally puked all their altruism, idealism and selflessness.

Mao was an evil mass murdering son of a bitch who will never know rest.
Surely attacking even the innocent mother of an evil mass murderer for simply being a woman should be off limits, right?

I should point out, however, that I'm shocked--shocked!--to find that MediaGirl would go so far as to suggest that I'm "denigrating women." As any ultra-correct-holier-than-though-über-leftie knows, the term "denigrate" means to "blacken or defame" and, therefore is a racially loaded word to use. In fact, its origins derive from "de- 'completely' + nigr-, stem of niger 'black,' of unknown origin." Can anyone else think of a word that claims "niger" as its root? Yeah, I figured you could. Isn't the author saying that calling someone a bitch is like calling women "n****rs"?

For shame.

Or might that word have different connotations for different people? Is it possible that the author didn't mean that? Is it possible that I don't use "bitch" to trash the entire female gender?

For the sake of avoiding offense, I suggest that we now only converse in grunts and hand signals.

P.S. That MediaGirl called me "macho" has immensely delighted many of the people who actually know me. One suggested that I make you one of my special batches of crêpes to make peace, but I refused. I wouldn't want to spoil the fact that someone actually considers me macho for once.

I did want to add, though, that this comment confuses me: "Yeah, real men have dicks." Um...don't they? What do you call a man without one?

P.P.S. It's all good. The author now says in comments the word doesn't really bother her, but that I was just so self-righteous and, so, was asking for it. I suppose that makes it OK to distill my personality down to a cardboard cutout of the white male power structure because of a single word.

I always thought that self-righteousness was defined, in part, as demanding that others see things the way you do and that your morality becomes the abiding morality. All I ever said was that people who--in every other fucking instance would agree with me--not get all up in my shit about a single word. Is that really so much to ask?


Blogger california_reality_check said...

Well, It's alright with me if you continue to call her a Bitch. In fact, that may be the kindest thing that could be said about her.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Cyrus said...

If she's trying to mercilessly and not-entirely-accurately lampoon every blogger who's arrogant and self-righteous, I have to worry about her day job...

5:33 AM  
Blogger SkyPilot said...

"The author now says in comments the word doesn't really bother her,"

This seems to be somewhat of a re-occurring cya fall back position when one has been more or less backed into a corner or shown to be full of it on his/her supposed outrage, against whatever the outrage of the day is.
Kinda like when Gilda would rail against something and then when faced with her own idiocy calmly say, "Oh, never mind".

9:04 AM  

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