Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shorter Mark Joseph

I don't know much but I know I don't like Howard Dean.

Who is Mark Joseph? Well, he's a multimedia "free radical" according to his bio. Would that be in as can't get a steady gig or unstable and highly reactive, believed to accelerate the progression of cancer - he's certainly combining with way too much oxygen for my tastes. Yeah, the Dems should definitely listen to some nut job that produced the soundtrack for Gibson's Passion because, hey, he covered the Democratic National Convention in 2000 for Armstrong Williams' program and is stupid enough to include that association in his bio. Though in his thesis statement, He doesn't bother with what exactly Howard Dean is doing that's going to make him responsible for a Repubnican majority in '08 but he's got some novel (as in cut and pasted from any number of articles) advice for Democrats on how to "get back into the game". Hey Mark - take your pop faith and masturbate in the privacy of your own home 'kay?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

When a Few Bad Apples Come Home to Roost

When you have the majority party in the country promoting intolerance we're bound to see more of this.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Why is it that Democrats continue to provide cover for the Republicans? That's exactly what the Democrats that are in negotiation for a 'compromise' are doing. There are no doubt Republicans that don't wish the Senate rules to change and eliminate the fillibuster but none are courageous enough to come out and state their positions and maybe they wouldn't have the guts to vote in opposition to BuchCo, Frist and the rightwing nuts either. The end result if they're are able to generate affirmative votes from 50 Repugnican Senators - the 'nuklur' option. I say force the vote and let the Repugnicans pay for the fallout - make them take a position. I think latest polls show that ~60% of the public are not in favor of the 'nuklur' option. The Dems need to take it to the people and be more vocal than they have been - make the Republicans defend their position, particularly those with presidential aspirations in '08 or those up for re-election. Let 'em vote - I don't think they have the 50 votes and if they do -the Dems should, use any and all available procedural methods to stall all Senate business. But stop giving these a**holes cover.
Seein' the Whites of His Eyes

George Galloway takes aim at Coleman and the Chimp's brigade and is it a wondrous sight to behold? 'Tis. Video provided by onegoodmove; both are excellent but I especially liked this line from George in his Hardball interview:
"Well, to be accused of lack of moral character by Senator Norm Coleman, is a bit like being told to sit up straight by the Hunchback of Notre Dame."

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

They'll be 'bringing it on' for generations.
I Remember When ...

I don't know why this old 'spiritual' popped into my head just now but it did.
We will work with each other, we will work side by side.
We will work with each other, we will work side by side.
And we'll guard each man's dignity and save each man's pride.

And they'll know we are Christians
By our love, by our love,
Yes they'll know we are Christians by our love. [Nitpicker Emphasis]
... This is what it meant to be a Christian; you were judged by your actions not some false claims or a fish on your bumper. Each ... as in every. I may not believe in God, but I believe in that spirit of Christianity. So, one less thing to get off my chest.
Why Mash Was So Successful

"Or just the shit/hate -filled exhaust that is a natural byproduct of this unstoppable, unappetizing motor mouth?"

That's rhetorical, right Larry?
Just Because

Occasionally you just have to read something life-affirming.
It's Called 'Defining'

Are you listening Dems?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cowardice in Numbers

It appears that the gutless GOP members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are sufficiently cowed that they won't stand alone against the Sir ChimpAss. The question is whether in their collective gutlessness, a sufficient number of them in the Senate will oust Bolton as a nominee. I'm not holdin' my breath.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Laws of Nature

While not all may recall Newton's Laws of Motion, many no doubt remember the maxim for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. However, the corollary to that maxim was something that I had forgotten (I think it's called repressed memory) until camping last week. The corollary? The CJs are camping; therefore it is raining. Yes, a truly waterlogged week was had by all and while Mr. CJ and I tried not to let the weather dampen (ouch) our spirits, our canine companions actually seemed to revel in the rain (at least for the first 3 or 4 days after which they started spending increasing amounts of time on their beds under the picnic table 'shelter').

As Mr. CJ does the wildland firefighting thing, it necessitates that any camping or vacationing we do has to take place outside of the May to October time-frame during which he has to remain on call. The advantages to camping early in the season are having an entire Forest Service campground, in the Hells Canyon Recreation Area, to yourselves. In addition, although the campgrounds are open they are not maintained (no water available) this time of year, so there are no 'site fees'. A third bonus was that the USFS had just built a new outhouse facility in this campground ... priceless. The disadvantage is that, well, it rained a lot and even when not actually raining the weather for the most part was like this:

Still and all it was good to get away and we were, for the most-part, well-prepared (we ended up one tarp shy when after five nights of rain it apparently exceeded the repellent capability of the seams of our rainfly - but we had a large garbage bag that we [or rather Mr. CJ bless his soul] placed into service at about 2 am that morning to stop the 'water torture' that awakened us). Having to put up and take down our tent in the rain made me ever so thankful for shock-corded aluminum tent poles (although we don't have the latest version where you basically toss your tent on the ground and voila) and I was surprised that they hadn't made the list of the top 100 inventions of the last century.

As we hiked, looked and just listened, it occured to me the difference between those who wish to protect the environment and those who could care less or view it as merely a resource to be exploited. The latter believe there is nothing 'bigger' or more important than themselves while the rest of us look at the power/energy,

the towering majesty

and the extraordinary beauty

that surrounds us and are humbled, dwarfed in our relative significance, stifled in our awe. We not only savor the experience but wish to protect it so that our children's children can know the exhilaration of swirling their feet in a clear, cold mountain stream, the solitude in the white noise of the water, wind, flora and fauna that allows for reflection, renewal or merely retreat, the wonder of discovery -whether a rare find, common deer sharing your campground (or rather you sharing theirs) or the story of generations played out on a forest's floor.

Yeah, it rained - so what. No rare finds for us this trip and while we had several visitors in camp the only time I had the opportunity to take a picture (as 'hell dog' was asleep and not available to keep them at bay) was when Mr. CJ and I were sitting in the cold and damp alongside our campfire and a 'couple' wandered in to say hello. Unfortunately, I had a flask in one hand (artificial liquid warmth), a book in the other (Richard Dawkin's The Blind Watchmaker) - and my camera was in the truck.

As far as fauna, though there were many of these guys, I refused, on principle, to take their picture. The principle? That at first glance, these posers have me thinking that I've caught glimpse of one of these - it's unfair for them to take advantage of my age-affected eyesight and poor identification skills. At least I always figure it out before I waste film - oh wait, it's a digital camera. Anyway, although I didn't have an appropriate lens on, I did catch this guy outside the Hells Canyon Interpretive Center:

All in all, it was quite the religious experience:

Tell me you don't see the Virgin Mary in that tree trunk. If you don't believe me, believe your own lyin' eyes. Go to 45 degrees, 6 minutes, 47.7 seconds north; 116 degrees, 58 minutes and 36.9 seconds west and check it out for yourselves. It'll be somewhere within 43 feet of that location (according to Mr. CJ's GPS.) Well, that's it for this installment of how I spent my Summer Spring vacation.
WMDs: The Final Report

It was only a couple of weeks ago we learned the supposedly final conclusions that Saddam had no WMDs nor had he moved them to Syria (yeah, I know the Pentagon and CIA were a little slow on the uptake). However, you may have deduced that absence of evidence translated to evidence of absence -but not so fast. As it turns out we (those of us skeptical of the WMD claims as a rationale for war) were wrong. Yes, we have to be willing to admit our error. Dubya was right. We had 'misunderestimated' Saddam. That clever bastard had WMDs but he didn't move them to Syria to avoid detection - no that dastardly, devious dictator squirreled them away in Kentucky. Nitpicker will issue a formal apology to the BuchCo Administration as soon as the origin of these WMDs has been verified. [via skb]

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Packin' It In

To hell and back. Well, not quite. Got the house all cleaned (is it just me - I hate coming home to more than laundry so I always clean everything spic and span right before heading out) and now it's time to finish getting the gear together. It'll be a little strange - I can't remember the last time Mr. CJ and I went camping all by our lonesome -a function of our recently acquired empty-nest status. At any rate, I will be incommunicado this week and I haven't heard anything further from Terry so I don't know if he'll be hitting the keys this week or not. In theory, he was supposed to be returning to the states about now but with all the latest shenanigans with troop deployment I guess that's not a given these days. We'll be heading out in the morning so this is it for me until the 9th - ciao.