Monday, January 09, 2006

It's not money, we'll miss, it's all the... No, wait. It's the money.

That good ol' White House logic at work again.
Abramoff was one of the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign's "pioneers"—meaning he raised at least $100,000, most of it from others, in increments of $2,000. After Abramoff pleaded guilty, Bush aides announced they had donated to the American Heart Association $6,000 that had been given to the campaign by Abramoff, his wife and one of his Indian-tribe clients. But Republican officials said they plan to keep the remaining $94,000. A Bush aide said it cannot be assumed that the other donors, who were simply recruited by Abramoff, have done anything wrong: "That's not a fair standard."
Abramoff has admitted to offering trips and bribes to public officials for favorable action for his clients and promising to provide access for donations to politicians and other groups. We can't know what Abramoff was promising for the donated money, but it's unlikely, looking at his track record, that this bastard was ever anything but a weasel, therefore that money should go back.


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