Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rohrabacher's buddies

Rohrabacher on Abramoff:
I think that he's received a lot of unjust criticism.
Rohrabacher on the fucking Taliban:
The potential rise to power of the Taliban does not alarm Rohrabacher, because the Taliban could provide stability in an area where chaos was creating a real threat to the U.S. Rohrabacher says that under the previous situation Afghanistan was becoming a major source of drugs and a haven for terrorists “an anarchistic state of narco-terrorism.” In contrast, the Taliban leaders have already shown that they intend to establish a disciplined, moral society.

Rohrabacher calls the sensational media reporting of the “harsh” imposition of strict Islamic behavior, with the underlying implication that this somehow threatens the West, “nonsense.” He says the Taliban are devout traditionalists, not terrorists or revolutionaries, and, in contrast to the Iranians, they do not seem intent on exporting their beliefs. Rohrabacher would have preferred to see a negotiated compromise among the various factions (but with no role for Gulbuddin Hekmatyar) rather than a bloody confrontation. But in the absence of such a compromise, he believes a Taliban takeover would be a positive development.
Am I beating a dead horse? Probably, but having seen the results of years of Taliban rule firsthand, I wouldn't be able to ever get through a conversation with this fucker without screaming, "The Taliban?! What were you fucking thinking?!"

Here's one of Rohrabacher's buddies working hard to create a more moral, disciplined society.

In how many ways must these fuckers be proven to be stupid and wrong before we can convince others that they shouldn't be given the time of day, much less our attention?


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