Saturday, January 14, 2006

Working off script

Atrios lays out the Republican plan for Iran and, guess what, it has nothing to do with actually disarming Iran. Go read it.

My suggestion as to how to change this script? Point out that, as Victor Davis "Girded Loins" Hanson has said, we will now be testing the limits of multilateralism as we fight to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran's hands. Hanson, of course, makes it seem as if the U.S. is now kowtowing to those who've complained about our unilateral actions in Iraq, but the simple truth is we have no other choice!

Democrats should point out that, yes, we would love to have all options on the table for Iran, but Bush's misuse of the military in Iraq has left us in no position to mount yet another military campaign. In other words, Bush sent troops into Iraq to protect us from imaginary weapons of mass destruction, leaving us vulnerable to real ones.


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