Friday, February 10, 2006

Bruce Bullshit

Bruce Bartlett wrote a column a couple of days ago that basically says Republicans isn't the party of racism, that's the Democrats. He's got a point. I've said before that if I had been born a 100 years earlier, I would have been a Republican. However, his history pretty much stops at 1964 with the Civil Rights act.

I wanted to do a more lengthy post about just how stupid Bartlett thinks his readers are, but I keep getting too pissed. So I'll just leave you with a few points.
  1. There's a reason that many left the Democratic Party for the Dixiecrat Party in the 1960s and, later, ended up in the Republican Party.

  2. There's a reason that modern Republicans continue to harp on the same "states' rights" argument that the Dixiecrats spoke of whenever they wanted to roll back civil rights.

  3. There's a reason that Ronald Reagan gave his "states' rights" speech as his first campaign speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the site of the murder of three civil rights' workers.

  4. There's a reason a Republican Governor got elected by promising a referendum to put an homage to the Confederate Flag back in his state flag.

  5. There's a reason that Southern Partisan magazine called itself the "fastest growing conservative magazine in America" and, while calling Lincoln a traitor, interviewed only Republicans like John Ashcroft.
As Kos put it the other day, not every Republican is a racist, but every racist sure does seem to be a Republican.


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