Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supporting the troops, GOP style

If you've ever doubted that Republicans who tell you to "support the troops" really just want you to quit saying bad stuff about Bush, this is the story for you (via Rakkasan).
Nearly three years ago, someone in the community started a memorial to the teenage Marine killed in Iraq. It started with a large photograph and people added flags, flowers, cards and rosaries. The family surrounded it with some white bricks.

Andy was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery, so this was the nearest place for Norma and Oscar to see their son.

Norma Aviles, Marine's mother:
"It is Andy there. His picture... I used to come to clean his picture, wipe his face. And it used to bring memories of wiping his face when he was a little boy."

They came every week with flowers. But on Valentine's Day, their hearts were broken once again. The memorial was gone. Someone had swept the place clean. No picture, no flowers, no flag, and no respect.

Norma Aviles, Marine’s mother:
"Oh, it was like somebody really put a knife in my heart."

Oscar Aviles, Marine’s father:
"My heart dropped. It was very, very painful. And I still feel the pain."

The Aviles' say state and city workers didn’t remove the memorial. So with President Bush here on Friday, the couple speculates that perhaps someone is trying to shield the President’s eyes from the reality of war.

Oscar Aviles, Marine’s father:”I would hate to think that is the reason, and I’m hoping it isn’t”


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