Thursday, June 29, 2006

If Brian Kilmeade got what he wanted...

...he'd be off the air.

You see, Kilmeade said the other day that we should bring back the WWII-era "Office of Censorship." Hey, Bri? Bring it On. The first people to go would be the Foxholes.

Not only did the government ask reporters to limit their ad-libbing, broadcasters themselves went to the government and came up with these suggestions, from the N.A.B. Wartime Guide, released December 18, 1941, after "careful consultation with the military branches of the government as well as other agencies":
In general accept the fact this is likely to be a long war--with both reverses and triumphs. Avoid broadcasting the news in a manner that is likely to cause exaggerated optimism. Likewise avoid creating an atmosphere of defeatism and despair. At all times practice moderation in the writing, delivering and scheduling of news broadcasts.

The writing should be calm, accurate, factual.

There should be a minimum of production trappings surrounding news broadcasts. The news of America at war is sufficiently exciting; do not try to make it more so by presenting it with sound effects...

DO NOT overestimate American power nor underestimate the enemy strength and thereby tend to creat complacent confidence...
And, lest we forget, James Rainey reminds us that, in 1943, "President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the War Department and the Office of War Information decided Americans needed a less-sanitized view to understand the true risks and costs of the war..."


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