Thursday, July 27, 2006

David Frum: Murtha was right!

I've tried to explain this before, but the conservatives had a "meme" to push: Rep. John Murtha's call for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq proved that Democrats were the "party of cut and run." At least that's what David Frum wrote, saying that "Toughness is tested and proven in times of adversity. And once again the Democrats are flunking."

(Because he was a speechwriter for the White House, bitches. He knows adversity like no Vietnam Vet retired Marine colonel has ever seen.)

What Frum and his fellow rightwing dingleberries always failed to mention, however, was that Murtha wasn't saying abandon Iraq, but, as I've pointed out before, let's pull back and wait over the hill. Our presence, Murtha suggested, was probably making things worse in Iraq. Republicans, of course, failed to actually listen to what Murtha was saying and,today, they look like fools because of it--just as one of their own predicted they would.

You see, today, David Frum, who, as far as I can tell, coined was the first to publicly use the "cut and run" phrase in this regard, is backing the plan suggested by Peter Galbraith in Tuesday's New York Times. A big part of that plan sounds suspiciously Murthaesque:
Seeing as we cannot maintain the peace in Iraq, we have but one overriding interest there today — to keep Al Qaeda from creating a base from which it can plot attacks on the United States. Thus we need to have troops nearby prepared to re-engage in case the Sunni Arabs prove unable to provide for their own security against the foreign jihadists.

This would be best accomplished by placing a small “over the horizon” force in Kurdistan.
Doesn't that sound vaguely, wait! Doesn't that sound exactly like Murtha's plan!?
  • To immediately redeploy U.S. troops consistent with the safety of U.S. forces.
  • To create a quick reaction force in the region.
  • To create an over-the-horizon presence of Marines.
  • To diplomatically pursue security and stability in Iraq
Someone should figure out exactly how many dollars have been spent, how much of our international good will has been lost and how many people have died in Iraq since Murtha presented his plan on November 17, 2005. If you do, you will have figured out exactly what it takes to make David Frum see reason.

Update: I failed to point out Glenn Greenwald's much more in-depth look at what Frum's neocon apostasy means.

Update: Another holy warrior falls.

In April, John Kerry said it was time to give the Iraqis a deadline and tell them to get their shit together or we were leaving.

MoveOn and others said, "Damn straight!"
America must insist on more progress from the Iraqis and give them deadlines. The deadlines must be real—backed with troop departures. This is how progress will be finalized in Iraq and how we’ll be able to bring our troops home. This is the rationale reflected in the exit strategies of leaders like Rep. John Murtha and groups like the Center for American Progress.
Today, retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a frequent guest of Sean Hannity's, Panglossian supporter of the war and author of Never Quit the Fight says, well, it's time to quit the fight.
We should never publicize a timetable for a troop withdrawal, but here's what President Bush should have told Iraq's prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, yesterday: "You are failing your country. We'll give you six months. If your government can't produce a unified response to sectarian violence that treats all sides impartially, we'll withdraw our troops and our support. Then you can fight it out among yourselves."

Failure in Iraq would be a victory for terror. In the short run. But the terrorists might then find themselves mired in a long and crippling struggle. An Iraqi civil war might become al Qaeda's Vietnam, not ours.
Damn! How many terrorists did he just "embolden" and does this means he wants the good guys to lose?


Blogger CD said...

In case you haven't guessed this the GOP fears Murtha because they can't write him of as a weirdo like "meterosexual" Howard Dean or a America hater like Howard Zinn.

Murtha is an all American mans-man type and he might actualy reach middle America.

That's why the GOP feels the need to destroy him.

6:05 PM  
Blogger unpoetaloco said...

As Bush's speechwriter, Frum is an awfully untenable position. First, he has to live with the knowledge that he helped sell Bush's terror campaign to America, and, second, he can't admit that anything he wrote was all flask and no substance. So he can write a good turn of phrase, and he might even believe most of the hokum he wrote, but he has to live with the knowledge that the man that read it didn't understand half of it and didn't believe the other half.

6:07 PM  
Blogger getalife said...

Murtha was right and stood his ground. We need more leaders like Mr. Murtha.
It is time to bring the troops home now!

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

All you guys that say we should tell them to get thier "shit together" fail to realize the guys blowing themselves up look like normal citizens there. You can't just get rid of someone you can't distinguish form anyone else. It's a hard thing to fight. Murtha has obviously forgotten that since his days in Vietnam. They pruposely blend in so you can't tell them apart. ANd I bet NONE of you guys commenting on this have experienced exactly what I have said. I have. It's really hard to fight someone you can't recognize. It's like trying to find waldo in a field of waldos.

I wish all you idiot Democrats and Republicans would quit fighting over who should and should not be in power, and do something constructive in this country. Quit letting big business and money pull the strings that control you and DO SOMEHTING FOR AMERICA instead of yourselves. Democrats and Republicans are the same people with a different color tie. You don't care about this country, they care about number one, power, prestige, money and fame. They could care less about the people of this country. You should all be carted out of this country and let new people run the government. You are all a disgrace to this country. You guys are no different. You all lie, cheat, steal, kill, and do whatever it is you paymasters want. This current government is going to kill this country within ten years no matter who is in power. You can fight all you want about who should be in charge, but nobody is going to do a damn thing but try to push what they want and push what they are told to, and screw over this country for bragging rights. YOU ALL ARE SUM AND I WISH YOU WOULD DIE AND GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:20 AM  

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