Monday, July 17, 2006

George Will's new buds

No, I'm not talking about his friends. George Will just told them to go to hell.

I'm talking about the cojones he appears to have grown so late in life. He takes on both Condi Rice's continued claims that "democratization" is some sort of panacea and then swivels and hits the Weekly Standard with both barrels.
One envies that publication's powers of prophecy but wishes it had exercised them on the nation's behalf before all of the surprises -- all of them unpleasant -- that Iraq has inflicted.
Damn, George. Testify.

Now, he gives Bush a little too much credit, in my opinion, for restraint. It seems more like disinterest to me, but George has written an excellent piece. Considering the calls to war by the crowd of neocon chickenhawks, it couldn't come at a better time.


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