Sunday, July 16, 2006

A must-read post and a call to action

If you haven't yet read Glenn Greenwald's post you should. Glenn is calling upon the media to finally shed some public light on the disgusting nature of the right wing blogosphere.
The important point here is that the liberal blogosphere has received substantial -- really, endless -- media attention over the past few months, coverage which has included everything from the upsetting use of bad words to petty bickering to rank Internet gossip. But the pro-Bush blogosphere is all but ignored by the media, and it is long past time for a substantive, thorough examination of the extremist rhetoric and violence-drenched imagery which composes the backbone of their dialogue.
You have to read the whole thing, because Glenn lays it out with links galore. Greenwald has been pissing off the wingnuts lately because, well, he actually makes them look at what they've said and highlights it outside the insular world of the hate-filled circle jerk that is right wing blogging.

So, tomorrow just happens to be one of those days that Howard Kurtz, WaPo media reporter, will be live online. Everyone needs to ask him the questions that Glenn is asking: Why is the opposition of a candidate considered an "Inquisition" from the left, but death threats from the right get ignored?Why is it worth covering an in-house Kos spat, but not the calls to violence by frequent guests on national news programs like Michelle Malkin and David Horowitz?

Then write those same questions to whomever you think will listen. Right wing media "critic" Brent Bozell provides a handy list of editorial staff right here. If a paper has run something on us, they should have to answer these questions.

Update: John at Crooks and Liars thinks it's already too late for the American press.

Update: Right wing blogger "Eric" at Classical Values rights a lengthy post taking on Greenwald and ironically calling Glenn Reynolds "Il Duce." However, considering his delivery of a 1700-plus word defense of one of the several right wing bloggers Greenwald calls out, it seems that "Eric" comes from the "doth protest too much" school of blogging.

Update: A funny thing in the Classical Values link above. Does anyone notice something odd about this clever little chart "Eric" made? (Click for larger image.)

That's right. Glenn Greenwald, whom Eric calls a "troll and a link whore," is getting attacked by a political blogger who seems to think Tom Delay was a Senator. Hmm...


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