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If half of what right wing blogger BlackFive has posted on this matter is true, then University of Arizona professor Deborah Frisch is one crazy lady. It seems she threatened Jeff Goldstein and his children. Of course the right, smarting from the embarrassment of putting a jihad on the New York Times over something one of their heroes authorized, will try to say that this is an example of how [Limbaugh voice] "deranged the left has become," forgetting all about how their bloggers sicced the flying monkeys on the families of Times reporters and photographers.

Well, here's how it's different. This lady is clearly not a political blogger, with almost no political posts on her blog. She doesn't even understand how political blogging works. For the record, honey, they have "moonbats" and we have "people who may have gone too far"--no matter which side of the political divide you claim as "we."

Second, I'm going to do something that the right has yet to do: Shun this crazy person. She doesn't represent me and has forfeited the right to my--or anyone else's attention (with the possible exception of the Arizona state police). I await with bated breath a similar statement from the right concerning the little bastard who wrote:
Go hunt them down and do America a favor. Get their photo, street address, where their kids go to school, anything you can dig up, and send it to the link above. This is your chance to be famous - grab for the golden ring.
and then disappeared back into the muck. And I can't wait for them to announce that they have turned their backs on Horowitz acolyte Rocco DiPippo (who posted the photographer's address), his fellow nutjob "Ted" and, even, Jeff Goldstein himself.

But while we're at it, can we point out that A) Goldstein's a professor; B) He's treated by the right as a credible source; and yet he C) seems to think threatening to slap guys in the face with his penis (in a strictly heterosexual manner, of course) is appropriate political dialogue. Hell, he's got a whole penis, thing, if you will. It is complete bullshit that anyone would threaten anyone's kids, but maybe Jeff would attract fewer nuts if he would quit talking about his own so much.

Update: For the record, Red State poster Constantine wrote this about the publishing of the Times staffers' info:
It's been a long time between visits. Powerline, Malkin and a number of others are promulgating the idea that gathering information about American children is a sign of patriotism.

You're kidding me, right?

...And yet we have folks lining up to make excuses for conservatives who attack children, that the left made the right attack children.
Good for Constantine.

More info: "Denny K" the pissant blogger who wrote the Political Insight blog and, in the course of this brouhaha changed its name to (no shit) Flying Monkey-Right Blog, is the guy who asked for people to hunt down the staffers and info about their kids. He shuttered his blog completely and getting rid of his blogger info. I have no intention of trying to track the guy down, but, I did want to highlight something. Originally, his profile read:
Worked in government for 25 years, elected to a number of public and party offices, currently teaching Political Science and Public Speaking at the college level. Every member of my family came to this country legally.
Right before he bailed, it read:
I toiled in the political trenches for many glorious years before graduating to “Defender of the Faith,” and now suffer the reprehensible brickbats from the Looney Left (see any comments sections). However, this will not deter me from my desire to change the mush minds in America’s youth to those of lean, mean, conservative machines. BTW, Every member of my family came to this country legally.
Why is it that Denny hasn't yet apologized as Frisch did and quit his teaching job like she did?

And the high point of the whole shebang? A freeper who goes by the name Diddle E. Squat commented that:
Freepers have to expose these clowns. Work up some photos of their homes, their mistresses' apartments, their routes to work, maybe where their children attend day school, alert all the sexual predators in the neighborhood (their names, addresses and photos are now readily available on line thanks to the do-gooders) etc. The government cannot perform this task or WH would be accused of Donald Segretti's Dirty Tricks or Gordon Liddy's blackops (wetops?). Where is Mia T when we need her? Call the Pajamahadeen to muster!
I'm just saying there's nuts on both sides. If anyone thinks the left should answer for Frisch, then the right has to answer for this fucker, especially since he wasn't called out and the post removed until someone from outside freepland called them on it.


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