Sunday, July 16, 2006

So it is a Crusade?

Glenn Reynolds links to this blogger, Greg Burch, who explains why our current war will be different than the Cold War.
(Islam) rejects science as the arbiter of truth and makes no very specific promises to improve the material conditions of life for its adherents. Instead, it projects the reward for submission to Islam in an imaginary afterlife. The truth of this assertion cannot be inspected or tested for accuracy.

...Since Islam does not make any ambitious proposal to improve the lot of its followers in the real world, but only in an imaginary afterlife, no amount of waiting can undermine its claim to truth.
I just have a couple of questions.
  • When did we go to war with Islam? I thought we were fighting terrorists.

  • Couldn't every thing that Burch says about Muslims be equally attributed to the Christian Right? Or, for that matter, any religion?
Update: Right wing Christian fundamentalism rejects science in my home state of Kansas.


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