Thursday, July 06, 2006

Support Joe!

No, not Joe "Smoochy" Lieberman.

Here's the deal: Howard Dean promised us a 50 State Campaign and, by God, it looks like it's happening. He can't do it all, though. The party needs you to get behind candidates and I've got one for you: Joe Roberts is running for the House from Florida's 1st District.

A Marine who served in Vietnam and continued to serve in the National Guard until 2005--including an active duty stint in Operation Enduring Freedom--Joe's a fighter.

For the record, I have no relationship to the Roberts campaign, but, before I would throw in my chips on his side, I met with him. I was more than impressed.

He is a conservative Democrat, but let's peep what that means to Joe:
Laws are meant to serve the best interests of the nation as a whole. When members of any national government consider themselves above the rule of law, or selectively enforce laws to the advantage of a the few, those people should be removed from government ASAP. Republican leaders in Congress, the Administration and elsewhere have repeatedly shown contempt for the rule of law since the fall of Richard Nixon. This trend continues unabated today with scandal after scandal involving elected and appointed government officials.

Immigration laws are ignored by the current Republican administration so that corporations can maximize profit by exploiting desperate workers from other nations. Illegal immigrants lose, American workers lose and corporations win. Corporations control our government via lobbies, exporting our jobs and importing poverty...

Bush, (Joe's Republican opponent Jeff) Miller, Rove and the rest leave little doubt that they are dishonest, incompetent and untrustworthy. Their inability to govern or do anything to promote the interests of the American People has brought America to the brink of being lost, damaged and wasted and they deserve the boot!
It's a conservatism we can get behind.

On top of that, winning this conservative tip of Florida's panhandle would allow us to get rid of one of the Tom DeLay stooges who voted to weaken house rules so that the Bugman could keep his job despite an indictment. If he ain't a crook, he's a least an enabler of crooks.

This also used to be Joe Scarborough's old seat, so it would be sweet to rub his smug little face in the lost of his seat to a Democrat.

So, here's what I'm asking you to do. Give a few bucks--any amount you can swing--to Joe Roberts' campaign. You can donate here or on his homepage above, but I think it would be great if we could point out how the netroots believes in winning even here in this extremely red district.

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UPDATE: Niteskolar did it first. Let's add .01 to anything we donate to let Joe know where it's coming from.


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