Saturday, July 08, 2006

Talkleft's take on Deborah Frisch

What Deborah Frisch wrote is inexcusable behavior for a blogger of any kind, liberal or conservative. Her comments about Jeff Goldstein's son and wife are indeed unhinged. I cannot imagine any provocation that could justify them.
My take here.

Update: Instapundit says he's still waiting to hear from the "toddler threatening community." I admit that I was late in talking about this, but, um, I just don't read Protein Wisdom. I have a very low threshhold for mumblings from the leather-lined closet.

On the other hand, Glenn tiptoes around chastising his own clan for posting and/or promoting others who posted the addresses of the Times reporter and photographer. Instead, he lamely points to that "Online Integrity" crap, without chastising his fellow righties. Hypocritical? You betcha.


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