Thursday, August 10, 2006


Does anyone remember why Glenn Reynolds said he didn't allow comments on his web site?
I think that one reason has to do with media treatment. Charles Johnson, for example -- who does have comments -- has repeatedly faced media stories about his site in which comments made by his readers are directly attributed to him, as if he had written them. I certainly worry about that sort of thing, too. I think that lefty sites expect, and get, less of that kind of mistreatment.

I've never had comments. I get about 1000 emails a day, and I don't have time to look at those, post on my blog, AND moderate comments. And unmoderated comments raise a risk of the kind of thing I mention above, as well as possible libel and copyright issues.
Yet, when Lanny Davis cherry-picked a few comments from DailyKos to make a case for "liberal McCarthyism," Reynolds wrote simply that Davis didn't "like what he sees." Reynolds didn't bother pointing out this was a perfect example of why he didn't allow comments, much less why he couldn't handle running a web site just signed up poster number 100,000. Nope, that would be too honest for Glenn.

Instead, he said this was part of a "climate of fear" that we liberals seemed to have caused. He even goes on to link to some posts about how we've become supposedly a party of thugs, recalling a story from 2004, when a soldier, recently returned from Iraq, was beaten for wearing an Army shirt. If you follow that link back, though, you see that someone pointed out to Glenn that the story was bullshit.
In response to a later link back to this post on August 8, 2006, Reader Ted Gideon emails that this report turned out to be false.

I don't promise not to link to stories that turn out to be wrong (how could I?) just to correct errors when they appear. And, actually, I'm glad this looks not to have been true.
Of course, if you don't follow it back and just accept that Glenn has something juicy there, you'll find no mention of this error.

Glenn Reynolds: The man who doesn't want to take the blame for what anyone writes--even himself--doesn't have the balls to point out that Lanny Davis is full of it.

More from Media Matters:
O'Reilly addressed "anti-Semitic stuff directed at [Sen.] Joe Lieberman [D-CT]" in his "Talking Points Memo" and read from two of the weblog quotes Davis had included in his Journal op-ed. But read in context, one of the quotations O'Reilly cited was clearly a parody of an anti-Semitic rant and both were from comments posted to the weblogs O'Reilly mentioned. Neither O'Reilly nor Davis cited any evidence that either commenter spoke for anyone in the progressive community or indeed that the commenter is actually a progressive.

O'Reilly and Davis simply misrepresented a comment by tomjones that appeared on the Daily Kos website on December 7, 2005.


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