Friday, August 25, 2006

John Gibson: Bush is not president

Gibson says Republicans are running away from Bush, a few seconds after trying to prematurely declare Bush "out of office." Here's the big yellow bouffant's discussion with Kirsten Powers about Bush's apparent lack of interest in catching Osama bin Laden:
POWERS:...they blew it when he was in Afghanistan. They did. So they're trying to present themselves as the people who are strong on the War on Terror and they don't get him when they could have gotten him.

GIBSON: If you want to go backwards and start talking about who blew what, I mean, you get back in the Clinton zone...


GIBSON: You get back in the Richard Clarke zone, 'I'm not going to attack Usama on aday I've got him in my sights because the sheikh someone-or-other is nearby.'

POWERS: No, here's the thing, I actually wouldn't bring it up if they weren't so viciously attacking Democrats and saying the Democrats are weak on terrorism. You have to look at their record. You have to go back and say, 'OK, you're so strong on terrorism, you had Osama bin Laden--the mastermind of the terror attacks on the United States--in your crosshairs and you blew it.

GIBSON: Yeah, but if you want to make that argument, I'm going to make that argument about Democrats.

POWERS: How? When did we have him in our crosshairs?

GIBSON: Bill Clinton had him in our crosshairs...before 9/11.

POWERS: And you know what? You can go back and say anything you want about Bill Clinton. He's not president anymore. George Bush is president.

GIBSON: He's not. He's not president. For the purpose of this discussion he's a lame duck and he's out of office.

POWERS: No, he's not a lame duck in the sense that he has the complete support of the Republicans who are running for Congress.

GIBSON: Oh really?

POWERS: They completely support him a hundred percent.

GIBSON: Then what's all that daylight between him and them?

POWERS: But when push comes to shove and they had to make a vote in Congress, they voted for that ridiculous, just suck-up resolution where they claimed that everything George Bush was doing was right and anybody who opposed them was cutting and running and they supported him completely.

GIBSON: Well...[snicker]

POWERS: They did.

GIBSON: They may have.

POWERS: They did.

GIBSON: But the fact is, when you go out and look at what they're doing, where they're running, you could drive a truck between and George Bush.

POWERS: Now...because they realize what a mistake that was.
(Audio via a pro-Fox News right wing blog. This bit starts about two-thirds of the way into the clip.)


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