Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Up to their old tricks

If you thought that Ken Mehlman's "Southern Strategy" pseudo-apology was going to be the end of Republican attempts at "trying to benefit politically from racial polarization," then, well, you're stupid. Republicans since World War II have succeeded repeatedly by using a very simple technique: point at people, say "they're the problem" and then say you're here to help. Depending on time and location, they've pointed at nearly everyone but corporate bosses, including communists, blacks, hippies, gays, liberals,, Muslims, jews, women, teachers, Martin Luther King, flag-burners, "secularists", Howard Dean and, today, Markos of DailyKos.

They've got nothing else, people. The "Republican Revolution" of 1994 turned out to be nothing more than a torchlit march to the shed where the pork barrels were kept. Republicans have proven they have no dedication to fiscal responsibility. They've outspent the creator of the Great Society and created nothing useful with those funds.

They talk about putting the hammer down on the "Axis of Evil," but then toss money at North Korea--while simultaneously letting that country off the hook for inspections to which they'd previously agreed!

Because they don't know how to fight a war, they've bogged our military down in a war of choice, which has led to a horrible, bloody civil war and, quite possibly a regional Shiite/Sunni conflict. Americans realize this is foolish and they don't feel safer, but to reality-challenged Republicans, their glorious war has brought about "nothing short of a miracle."

I could go on and on, but the point is they're back at it today, with the "Willie Horton" ad of 2006, an ad against a Republican running for the Senate in Rhode Island which features plenty of scary brown people.

Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan has realized that, with all the coded (and not-so-coded) hate pulsing through the right, the time is right for him--one of the architects of the original, Nixonian "Southern Strategy"--to return to the public eye. The time, apparently is ripe for his kind of hate. Racism is back! Anti-Catholicism is even back in vogue among some.

So it's time, at last, to ask these fuckers what they stand for. They're always asking us if we'll "denounce" this thing or that thing (e.g., Howard Dean's since-proven statement that we're no safer with Saddam in custody), so it's time for every Republican to answer some questions:
  • Do you believe, like Pat Buchanan states in his new book, that illegal immigration has put the nation in a "state of emergency"?

  • Do you support Pat Buchanan's argument that non-whites lack the "genetic endowments" necessary to continue American civilization?

  • Do you believe that Buchanan's book, as Tony Blankley writes, is a "stunningly logical" attempt to "define the ethnic, language and cultural nature and desirability of America"? (Italics mine) Is our country really supposed to define a "desirable" ethnic make-up?
This time, we can't let Republicans get away with it. They've admitted to the "Southern Strategy." There's no way in hell we can let them get away with their new "South of the Border Strategy." Every time they point, we should be pointing back.


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