Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's a world of tears all right...

So ABC has told Hugh Hewitt not to worry, the movie "Path to 9/11" is still full of the lies he loves so much. Think Progress has the full story.

You know, I used to think of Disney--the company which owns ABC--as a pretty good company. They made good family movies and that was all I knew.

But when I found out a few years ago they loved to sell stuff to well-to-do American and European kids that had been made by children in sweatshops in Bangladesh (where children have been beaten, fired and imprisoned for simply asking to be paid on time [pdf link]), I knew I had been wrong all along. It turns out they've got some more properties in Thailand, China, Honduras, El Salvadorand Haiti--none of which could be confused with the "Happiest Place on Earth." Behind all the cutesy fluff, they're just another company outsourcing misery.

It's no wonder, I guess, that they've decided to side with the Republican party. In fact, I wonder if they ran any of the sweatshops Abramoff protected in the Marianas Islands? You know, the place Tom DeLay called "a perfect petri dish of capitalism" and his "Galapagos"?

Clearly, helping Republicans lie to the American public about the worst attack on American soil isn't the worst thing the Disney corporation has ever done. Hell, it's not even the worst thing they'll do next week! But, honestly, I never thought they'd be so willing to shit on their Disney/ABC brands, which had served so long as a happy face sticker covering the horrors of their blatantly evil labor standards. I guess I just didn't realize how much the company must need Republicans in order to keep acting how they act.


Blogger The Big Dog said...

I am using your great graphic over on Political Dogfight. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Thanks for the great work.

The Big Dog

8:30 AM  
Blogger Daedalus said...

I always thought that commercial with the Mickey Mouse in the clouds as an appropriate one.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

This may not be the mostest evilest thing, but it's pretty damned evil, being a party to an obvious attempt to inject propaganda into history. I am astonished and mortified at this.

Thanks for the guffaw over at TP. That was f'n funny.

3:00 PM  

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