Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You damn obstructionist Demo--Wait. Never mind...

Frist blogs just like his supporters do. Lamely and with a poor grasp of the facts.
I also had the chance to speak with my Republican colleagues about S. 2590, the Federal Funding Transparency and Accountability Act, legislation which the blogosphere helped to highlight and move forward during the August recess. I can confirm that Senator Stevens has lifted his hold and that no Republican Senator will stand in the way of the up or down vote that this legislation deserves.

My Democrat [sic] colleagues have not yet cleared this legislation ... but I'm confident that they will do so promptly or pay the consequences of continued obstruction.
Tough talk. But soon...
Update from Senator Frist: As soon as I blogged this, I received word that a Republican Senator has not cleared the bill. Let me be clear, hold or no hold, I will bring this legislation to the floor for a vote in September.
Now look, it's one thing when right wing enablers distort the facts or simply make shit up, but shouldn't the Senate majority leader know where members of his party stand on an issue to avoid making an ass of himself?



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