Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The circuitous route of the "Straight Talk Express"

Dear media types:
John McCain said Jerry Falwell was an "agent of intolerance," a "corrupting influence" on politics in America and an "evil influence" on the Republican Party. Then he went to speak at Falwell's school, with no mention of its founder's proclivity toward evil, corrupt intolerance. Next stop: Bob Jones University. We'll see if he tells "them exactly what (he) think of them," which is that "things that they espouse, including a ban on interracial dating, are personally offensive to me" and he hates their "anti-Catholic and racial discrimination" policies.

John McCain railed against soft money and got a bill passed outlawing certain types of fundraising, then repeatedly violates that law.

John McCain says he's anti-torture, but then gives Bush the right to torture.

John McCain said yesterday that North Korea's nuclear test was Clinton's fault, but today says he thinks "this is the wrong time for us to be engaging in finger pointing..."
The "Straight Talk Express" is dead, media types. Long live the Arizona Sidewinder!


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