Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cry unfair! And unleash the dogs of whine!

Poor, poor Republicans. Getting picked on by those mean old Democrats...

Tucker Carlson says it isn't fair to make him feel things.
On the other hand, this ad really bothers me. I think it is a form of moral blackmail. No matter where you stand on stem cell research, I look at this ad and I say, I can‘t disagree with Michael J. Fox because his illness is so sad it pulls on me emotionally so much, it feels immoral to me to disagree with him. And I think it‘s unfair of you to run this ad for that reason.
Jean Schmidt says it isn't fair to show her saying things.
Rep. Jean Schmidt blasted Democrat Victoria Wulsin on Wednesday for allegedly breaking a U.S. House rule that prohibits using the broadcast of House floor proceedings in campaign ads.

"Her continued violation will land her in serious trouble with the House Ethics Committee," Schmidt's spokesman Matt Perin said in a release, referring to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, which the release mistakenly referred to elsewhere as the "House Committee on Official Standards and Conduct."

Besides those errors, there's just one more tiny problem: Wulsin, who is challenging Schmidt in the 2nd District, is not a member of the House. Not yet anyway.

Wulsin's new ad shows Schmidt telling Democratic Rep. John Murtha that "cowards cut and run, Marines never do."
Dick Devos and other Michigan Republicans say it isn't fair for rich liberals to spend money on political ads like he does.
Dick DeVos might have met his financial match.

Kalamazoo medical supply company billionaire Jon Stryker and his organization are pouring millions of dollars into commercials opposing Republicans, including the wealthy DeVos.

In the TV ads, a narrator singing in an operatic voice accuses Republican lawmakers of giving tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs, not doing enough to stop Canadian and out-of-state trash from being dumped in Michigan, and backing a state law that protects drug makers from lawsuits. They depict gubernatorial candidate DeVos sending jobs to China. The cartoon ads show elephants dressed up like lawmakers to make the point.

Republicans accuse the group of holding an ultra-liberal agenda and putting an unprecedented amount of money into legislative races. Democrats say fair is fair, especially because DeVos has given so much money to his own campaign against Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
Florida anti-abortions activists say it isn't fair to say you're "pro-life" when you won't do what they want. (But, if you're a Republican gubernatorial candidate, they'll vote for you anyway).
Charlie Crist says he is proud to be ''pro-life,'' and a Republican Party of Florida mailer calls the candidate for governor a ``pro-life leader.''

But voters watching Tuesday's televised forum with Democrat Jim Davis heard Crist offer a position that puzzled activists on both sides of the abortion debate...

''A pro-lifer is someone who gets out there and defends the unborn,'' she said. ``He talked about keeping to himself and not wanting to get involved in the political process. . . . It isn't fair to the community as a whole to say you are pro-life.''

Aman said she still plans to vote for Crist because she thinks he would listen to anti-abortion activists and Davis wouldn't.
Greg Sheffield seems to think it isn't fair for Democrats to use the tools available to them to define Republicans.
Democrats are "bombing" the Google News site in order to ensure that any news about 50 Republican candidates will go to articles by left-wingers.


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