Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Five for five?

The Nobel Prize in Literature will be announced tomorrow. Americans have already swept four of the six prizes and I think the trend will continue tomorrow.

This could be Cormac McCarthy's year.

Thoughts? Contenders?

Update: Contenders suggested in e-mail include
  • Philip Roth
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Joyce Carol Oates
God help me, I love a longshot.

(And while we're at it, McCarthy, who's known to be a conservative, probably predicted Iraq wouldn't work out quite the way the Bushies expected. A poet of violence and man's tendency to become a wolf to man, he's not one to embrace wishful thinking. As he wrote in All the Pretty Horses:
The world is quite ruthless in selecting between the dream and the reality, even where we will not. Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting.
And then everybody spoke Spanish for about four pages.)


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