Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey Republicans! Lieberman is playing you all for suckers!

That's how I read this:
"I will believe that, if this works out and I win, it is because people wanted me to be their senator for a lot more reasons than Iraq."
Lieberman is finally seeing that, if he wins, he's simply going to have to fall in line with Democrats on Iraq or he'll be a pariah. So he's foreshadowing his flip-flop on Iraq--which I'm sure he'll justify by saying he's following the desires of the people of Connecticut--by saying that Iraq isn't really the reason he's being elected. He's been edging that way for a while.

Even though we know full well that he's being elected because Republicans have decided he's their best chance to keep a pro-Bushie in the Connecticut Senate seat.

Me, if I were from Connecticut, I'd vote for Lamont, but I have to say that I love the fact that Lieberman is setting up a pivot that will only be possible because he's close to being re-elected by the Republicans from whom he's preparing to run.


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