Monday, October 09, 2006

On "commas"

Today in WaPo Richard Cohen delivers a mea culpa and a devastating ruling on Bush. Read the whole thing, but here's a bit.
Not too long ago, I embraced the commas myself. I favored this idiotic war because I thought that the deaths of some would improve -- even save -- the lives of many. I likened the about-to-die soldiers to firemen or cops, the people we summon to risk or lose their lives for the common good. I had the common good in mind when I supported the war, and I did not expect much space between the commas. Now, the space expands and expands, one comma marching away from the other. It seems we will need room for all of Iraq.
Even though he gives Bush too much credit--Cohen himself once wrote about Bush's "willingness to tolerate almost any tactic on his way to a goal," so it seems odd that he's willing to say that he attacked Iraq believing he's "on his way to something grand" (I chalk it up to self-reflexive defensiveness)--in the end, he says Bush will be remembered throughout history for his failure in Iraq.

Cohen has never been more right.


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