Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Overheard in the Florida panhandle

Near the snackbar in my building, two men were talking. Clearly, they were old friends having a discussion about politics in what appeared to be another in a long series of needling, jokey discussions about politics. Here's my paraphrased transcript:
Democrat:...looks like we're about to get rid of a bunch of your crooked buddies.

Republican: Crooked? Did you see that stuff about Harry Reid?

Democrat: Shit, you know there's nothing there. (William) Jefferson's the only Democrat who seems to be a real crook and he got kicked off his committee and the party told him he can go to hell.

Republican: Well, it's easy to act squeaky clean when you've only got one guy being investigated.

[A pause, as both men realize what was just said.]

[Both men burst into laughter.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media won't allow the Dems to be investigated. Power and money decide a lot also. Heck, the murderer Ted Kennedy just holds a quick press conference the day after killing a woman and he gets voted back in for years.

The Dems had both houses for over 50 years. They know how to play the game better than the GOP.

10:36 AM  

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