Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rising stench

Newt Gingrich, yesterday:
"What we don't have to do is allow our friends on the left to lecture us on morality," Gingrich said at a party fundraiser in Greenville. "There's a certain stench of hypocrisy."
Newt has forgotten the classic rule. He who smelt it, dealt it.
Critics of Gingrich have long made much of the insensitivity he demonstrated in serving his first wife with divorce papers while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer. Nor did news of his efforts to cut life insurance coverage for the mother of his children always endear Gingrich to his family values supporters, but it was generally assumed that his marital errors were in the past.

This time, his approach was less personal. Marianne Gingrich told the Washington Post that she was informed of the affair and the request for a divorce last May in a telephone call from Newt to her mother's home, where she was visiting.

After first expressing best wishes to his mother-in-law on her 84th birthday, he asked to speak to his wife, who was soon reduced to tears by Newt's news.

"I said, 'Marianne, what's wrong?' " Gingrich's mother-in-law told the Washington Post, and she said her daughter replied, "He doesn't want me as his wife anymore." According to the Post: "There was a second jolt soon afterward. Newt Gingrich, now 56, informed his wife that he was having an affair with a congressional aide, a woman 23 years his junior."
I should mention that Gingrich made the comments about supposed Dem immorality at a Greenville, South Carolina, fundraiser where he was (as the AP photo captions say) trying to get Republicans “fired up” for the election.

Please note that the twice-divorced philanderer, brought in to talk about Democratic immorality, also said Democrats punish their “offenders” less.


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Newt is a good name for this bottom feeder, may he rot in hell...

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