Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tony Snow on race

So it isn't the Republican party "looking the other way or trying to benefit politically from racial polarization" (Ken Mehlman's words not mine)? Nope. Tony Snow says it's the blacks.
I think there is always an attempt when you have got an African-American candidate to try to attribute something to the race card.
Yep, it's always race with those people, ain't it, Tony? How else could they get elected?


Go read Josh Marshall's post on Republicans and race. He's right on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I presume Snow, in minimizing what they're doing to Ford in Tennessee, was also referring to 'Publican Maryland candidate Steele's claimed victimization in the unsubstantiated 'Oreo' incident, right?

And since he say's "there's always an attempt"--ALWAYS--I'm interested to hear how 'Publican Ohio candidate Blackwell has played the race card.

Or was Tony just yammering for any possible political gain...?

9:44 AM  
Anonymous hypocalypse said...

The Hypocalypse is here:

10:34 AM  
Blogger PGL said...

Josh called Mehlman a liar and a hypocrit. So Mehlman says something was wrong back in 2005 and then decided in 2006 to do it again. Meanwhile, political hack Tony Snowjob says BFD! Unbelievable!

11:31 AM  

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