Thursday, November 30, 2006


Peter Schweizer, a right winger--who, it must be mentioned, is a Hoover Institution research (!) fellow--writes a book taking on liberal hypocrisy. He goes after Nancy Pelosi and now that she's headed toward the Speaker's chair, his claims bubble up through the muck of the right wing blogosphere.

The claims are proven baseless by a local news station.

What does Schweizer say about this? What? You expect me to do research?

Update: On a separate issue, a conservative points out that "militant immigration hawks" are using "unsubstantiated claims" and "bad statistics" to frighten Americans. It seems he actually believes in the research that many other conservatives have chosen to eschew.
It took me all of 10 minutes to check this data, something that Rep. King apparently couldn't bother to have his staff do, and a standard fact check that WND declined to perform. It seems that some people will believe almost anything as long as it can be used to demonize illegal aliens.
Of course, the same, obviously could be said about the b.s. made up to demonize Democrats and the media, as well. Good for Captain Ed, though.


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