Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hell yeah!

It's about time that someone went after people like WorldNetDaily. It seems they accused a guy named Clark Jones of being a drug dealer who Al Gore helped get off the hook for prosecution. Then the WorldNuts crowed that they had singlehandedly cost Gore the election with that story.

Clark Jones, though, isn't taking it lying down and the WorldNuts are scared shitless.
The $165 million lawsuit filed against WND and two freelance writers who wrote a comprehensive series exposing Al Gore's record of corruption in Tennessee during the 2000 presidential campaign would smash any judgment that has ever held up in such a court proceeding.


The lawsuit stems from the reports, which ran from September to December 2000, that included information about a Savannah, Tenn., auto dealer, friend of Al Gore and Democrat activist named Clark Jones.

Jones, who raised more than $100,000 for Gore's presidential campaign, alleges personal embarrassment and humiliation from the articles, which said he reportedly intervened in a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation probe into narcotics trafficking in Hardin County in 1999. The car dealer also alleges the articles implicated him in the 1980 arson of his own business, the Jones Motor Company, and also pegged him as a suspected drug dealer.

In his lawsuit against WND, Jones is demanding the record-breaking $165 million in damages.
I make no judgment as to the merit of the lawsuit and I believe in freedom of the press, but for too long WordNetDaily, the American Spectator, Matt Drudge, et. al., have lied with impunity about Democrats who have shrugged it off. If Clark Jones has a case, I hope he takes Joseph Farah for every dime.


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