Sunday, November 05, 2006

Homophobia leads to overcompensation

Some self-hating, closeted gays, facing their own desires head-on, feel a sudden urge to prove their masculinity. Just ask Jonah Goldberg. While peeking at a penis, he got the sudden urge to kill.
Re: The Conservative Id [Jonah Goldberg]

Why, just the other day at my urinal stall, while straining to see whether Pat Buchanan really has it going on, I thought to myself: I'd like to kill Michael Moore. But then my conservative Ego stepped in and I though better of it because, Who will take care of my mother?

Posted at 8:09 AM
He says "conservative Ego," I say "Oedipal mommy love." Either way, he still wasn't threatened enough to put on a uniform.


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