Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Saluting the Generalist

The Armchair Generalist speaks. You should listen.
Now, for you military persons who are foolish enough to listen to the White House's disparaging remarks against Kerry, let's just have a quick quiz on military issues:
  • Who hyped up the WMD threat to make up a rationale to invade Iraq, and then promptly decided to pull out as quick as possible before the job was done? Who created the Office of Special Plans inside of DOD?

  • Who limited the military pay raise to 2.2% and reduced medical care benefits for veterans, including less funding for soldiers with head injuries?

  • Whose leadership pushing to take women out of combat zones in Iraq when there weren't men enough for all the critical roles and functions in the war?

  • Who pulled military forces and resources from Afghanistan and the hunt for Osama before that job was done? Who declared "Mission Accomplished" before the Iraq job was done?
The whole list is long and devastating to the Bushies. Go read it.


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