Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Three things

Here's what this election means to me:
  • The failure of uber-conservatives like J.D. Hayworth and Rick Santorum to win re-election shows that America simply is not conservative. You can say this is all about the Iraq war, but this was clearly a rejection of Republican extremism as well. The South Dakota abortion ban vote is proof.

  • The Greens are going to have to understand that they are hurting their own cause. They should have learned that after 2000, but Webb's race should drive it home.

  • Bush has been warning people that Dems would rescind his tax cuts, but Americans looked at their checkbooks and saw that they really hadn't seen them in the first place. Instead, they saw a government crippled by incompetence and decided that good government might just be worth paying for.


Anonymous clarke said...

Hey, not to... um... what's that term for focusing on minutae? It's like splitting hairs, but different. Well, anyway, what you don't get about the Greens is, spoiling elections in Republicans' favor IS their cause. See, once the country goes totally, unapologetically theofascist, goes the logic, then we'll all freak out and start subscribing to the Daily Worker.

These are people who think the good is the enemy of the perfect, not the other way around. They weave a mean hemp anklet, though, I'll give 'em that.

11:48 AM  

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