Monday, December 18, 2006

He's on to us

In order to prevent bloggers like me getting a case of "the big head"--We are each, after all, the Person of the Year. Whoopee!--George Will has pointed out blogs are an act of "narcissism." Of course he's right. What other reason could people like me have to post our screeds and philippics (thanks, George) besides a need to be noticed?

After all, it's not like a major American newspaper just spent 2,500 words telling us that Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton who, I'm told, has a wandering eye.

It's not like an editorial board member of a different major American newspaper actually said it wouldn't be a "hard thing" to extend the tours of soldiers in Iraq. (And it's not like that still-of-military-age person's only career experience consists of being nestled in the bosom of said major American newspaper.)

It's not like a major political magazine published an essay praising Bush's "new plan" as an "approach that has proved to be effective elsewhere, notably in Vietnam."

It's not like the list of big media transgressions goes on and on, including the continued employment of an obviously dishonest writer who refuses to correct his mistakes.

If those things were true and the American press weren't perfect, then there might be a reason for blogs to exist. But, nope, it must be narcissism.


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