Sunday, December 17, 2006

What a coinkydink

From Editor and Publisher:
Has the mysterious and much-disputed Associated Press source in Iraq, a police captain named Jamil Hussein -- finally been found? His existence has been challenged in the past three weeks from the U.S. military, some Iraqi officials and conservative bloggers in the U.S.

A blogger named Marc Danziger who has followed the debate claimed late Saturday that he believes he has positively identified the captain at the Yarmouk police station, just as the AP had claimed, although (if this checks out) his first name may be spelled Jamail, not Jamil.

Though far from definitive proof, it was strong enough to cause at least one conservative blogger to wonder if those who had mocked the AP might have to eat “a huge shinola sandwich.”

Just Thursday, Eason Jordan, the former CNN news chief now launching a Web site called IraqSlogger, had earned headlines by offering to fly Michelle Malkin to Baghdad to search with him for Capt. Hussein. She had accepted, and the IraqSlogger site now runs an urgent plea for tips about Hussein’s whereabouts in a crawl at the top of its site.
David Neiwert points out that "Even in their brief flashes of awareness, they're can't tell shit from shinola."

Lindsay writes, "Imagine that, as soon as Michelle is asked to put up or shut up, one of her colleagues solves the mystery."

And my prediction of November 30th has been all but proven correct. Of course, eating crow (or a shit sandwich) implies that the right bloggers are equipped with a capacity for shame. I have yet to see proof of such a thing.


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