Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jonah remembered

As long as Jonah Goldberg's going to try to use three- and four-year-old statements to try to make Democrats look wishy-washy about Iraq, he should probably have to answer for this:
More importantly, (Francis Fukuyama) claims that the war planners’ arrogance led them to ignore warnings about the war’s aftermath. But with the possible exception of General Shinseki’s admonition about the need for more troops to occupy Iraq, such warnings were almost nonexistent [Unless you count the warnings of Tommy Franks as he planned the war - Nitpicker] — and were certainly not forthcoming from Fukuyama...The reality was that it was, to use Kanan Makiya’s phrase, a Republic of Fear. When the United States removed the fear, the whole place imploded. But, again, this does not mean that what happened was widely foreseen: The doom-and-gloom forecasts from bureaucratic opponents of the war were, in the final analysis, at least as wrong as the “cakewalk” talk on the other side — for example, what happened to the refugee crisis the invasion was supposed to create?
Here it is, Jonah, you insufferable ass:
The surging violence in Iraq has created what is becoming the biggest refugee crisis in the world, a humanitarian group said today.

A report by Washington-based Refugees International said an influx of Iraqis threatened to overwhelm other Middle Eastern countries, particularly Syria, Jordon and Lebanon.

Last month, the UN estimated that 100,000 people were fleeing the country each month, with the number of Iraqis now living in other Arab countries standing at 1.8 million.
Democrats have changed their tunes about Iraq, of course, but that's because the war has continued to get worse and worse under Bush's leadership. Why in God's name would anyone think it might improve when war supporters are continually proven to be foolish, blindered idiots?

And, lest we forget, Tom Tomorrow seems damn near psychic these days.

Update: Don't ever tell me Democrats are more elitist than Republicans again. Here's Jonah Goldberg, responding to The Carpetbagger Report's post about his column:
Apparently I'm deluded for having said "And, of course, Kerry, Pelosi and other Democrats were in favor of more troops before they were against it." Kevin Drum, for whom I have a lot of respect, says it's a "canard." Meanwhile, something called the Carpetbagger report chimes in making similar objections (I particularly like it when bloggers I'm barely aware exist claim it's a big concession for them to respond to me).
It is tedious responding to Jonah Goldberg, an idiot who, but for springing from Lucianne's womb, would be hard-pressed to find someone who would pay him to sell used cars, much less give him a column in a national magazine.


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