Sunday, January 07, 2007

The comedy stylings of "Pam Atlas"

Crazy Pam at Atlas Shrugs got to set in on an interview with John Bolton. Sadly, there were others there and so, as far as we know, Pam didn't get the opportunity to ask any insane, 380-word, fellatic questions of the man, but leave it to Pammy to let the funny shine through.

First, she cracks me up with her apparent belief that the number of periods in here ellipses should be based upon whether or not her medication is spiking, but I also love her transitional descriptions of the Bolton quote to come, like:
The continuing problem is Lebanon ...............
The continuing problem of Lebanon. Although it's been quiet there...
What Bolton is very worried about:
I am very worried about it. And I am worried that because of their frustration...
And we get Pan's assurance that, as we should have known all along, gosh darn it, Bolton "is all that and a bag of chips."

Good stuff.


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