Friday, January 05, 2007

Congratulations, Mr. Spruiell!

Nitpicker would like to award the second rarely issued No Shit Award to the National Review's Stephen Spruiell.
The Iraqi Interior Ministry appears to have committed a colossal error here, and if the AP's reporting is correct, then the U.S. military and a number of conservative bloggers, myself included, gave the MOI too much credit and the AP too little in the criticism that followed.
Yep, who could have possibly imagined that this might QUOTE-end badly for the righties-UNQUOTE?

Sprueill, at least, handles this issue with candor and does not try to hid behind the fig leafs upon which his fellow righties are relying, including:
The It's Not About defense, in which someone who said "it appears that the AP has used a fraudulent source for more than sixty stories" now says it was never about said fraudulent source, but, rather, about credibility. And irony alarms go off around the country.

The This Ain't Over By A Long Shot defense, in which someone refuses to come out and say he was wrong when he wrote that Hussein "is a ghost, an appartition, a Never Was" and instead slides neatly to a now-we-can-get-to-the-bottom-of-this-foolishness-footing.

The He Exists But He's Probably A Liar defense, in which the blogger admits that, yeah the guy's real, BUT the "fact that the AP used a single source for dozens of inflammatory stories about atrocities in Iraq that still have yet to find any confirmation is almost as disturbing as making the source up" which, of course, they didn't do.
Where were these multiple-sourcing rules when Bill Clinton was being accused of murder, one wonders?
The I've Been Saying All Along defense, in which the asshole who started this all--saying the "MSM" was "getting the news from the enemy" and that Hussein was "bogus" in the first post on the topic--now says that he's been saying something he never, ever said. For example, "As many of us have said from the beginning, finding Jamil Hussein will not make this story go away." He also now says that "what we have here is a real police officer giving bogus information about an incident to inflame the Sunni population AND the AP reported it as fact without independently verifying it (3 unnamed witnesses is not verifying it), that my friends is a problem."
So now that Hussein's a real policeman, Floppy Aces can read his mind and know his intent. He can't, however, verify those unnamed witnesses, so they're obviously fake. Just like Jamil Hussein was.

Please, O right wingers, tell me what rules of evidence you accept for any incident in a war zone! And tell me whether you think that, if AP reporters plan on naming every source, you think it's a good idea for the reporter to just shoot those sources after the interview so that they might avoid a more agonizing death later.

Anyway, this is a moment for celebration. As I mentioned above, we've found a rare moment of clarity from a right winger.

Enjoy your Golden Sherlock, Mr. Spruiell.


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Not sure if everyone has seen these videos of the US military in Iraq or not, but they are pretty amazing: Hopefully our 'surge' will not include too many of these types...

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