Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hannity shouldn't debate four star Rhodes Scholars

Wesley Clark made Hannity look stupider than usual last night. I want to highlight this specific moment in their discussion.
Sean Hannity: Alright. You said there was no new strategy. Let me tell you what the new strategy is ‘cause clearly uh I guess you’re missing what the President’s saying here. The prior strategy, and the President admitted that there were some mistakes made, was that they go in and they’d clear out the insurgency and they didn’t stay long enough or hold those areas long enough. Now the new strategy with the troop surge will be go in, remove the insurgents, hold the areas as pa...and also accelerate the training of Iraqi troops and police. That is a new strategy.

GENERAL WESLEY CLARK:: I don’t think that’s a new strategy. I

Sean Hannity: Hold on a second,

GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: I’ve heard him for a year talking about "seize, clear and hold."

Sean Hannity: No. That’s what it is now.
You know, of course what's coming. The phrasing isn't exactly as Clark remembered it, but this strategy, as he pointed out, isn't new.
Condoleezza Rice, October 19, 2005: In short, with the Iraqi Government, our political-military strategy has to be to clear, hold, and build: to clear areas from insurgent control, to hold them securely, and to build durable, national Iraqi institutions.

George W. Bush, October 28, 2005: Our coalition, along with our Iraqi allies, is moving forward with a comprehensive plan. As Secretary Rice explained last week, our strategy is to clear, hold, and build. We are working to clear areas from terrorist control, to hold those areas securely, and to build lasting and democratic Iraqi institutions.

From a David "OK, one more chance" Ignatius column, November 4, 2005: What caught my eye in (Lewis) Sorley's book (A Better War) was the phrase "clear and hold." For the identical words appeared in Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's Oct. 19 testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which she laid out the clearest articulation of U.S. strategy in Iraq that I've seen. "Our political-military strategy has to be to clear, hold and build: to clear areas from insurgent control, to hold them securely, and to build durable, national Iraqi institutions," she said.

In Vietnam, Abrams's version of "clear and hold" replaced Westmoreland's ruinous idea that with ever-larger U.S. troop levels and a bigger "body count," the United States could bleed its adversary into submission.

Condoleezza Rice, November 20, 2005: When we talk about clear, hold, and build, what we really mean is that we and the Iraqis have been successful now in clearing areas. Iraqi forces are now attaining the numbers and capabilities that will allow them to hold those places and not allow bad guys to come back. And then they can build economic and political institutions.

Title of strategic "Fact Sheet," March 20, 2006: Strategy for Victory: Clear, Hold, and Build
Note: Apparently I wasn't clear. Wesley Clark didn't have these citations with him on the program. I'm simply showing that Clark was right and Hannity dead wrong.


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Hannity can't compete with an intelligent, accomplished person like Clark. Picture Hannity filling in on MSNBC for Chris Matthews on Hardball--he wouldn't last one show because the range of guests Matthews has on would blow Hannity away with more facts and skilled debating tactics. Hannity does at least have on guests and give the appearance of be willing to debate unlike Limbaugh who is afraid of any real confrontation, but hannity carefully picks his opponents and doesn't really ever want to face a real debater.

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